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Rug Cleaning

area rug cleaning services Oshawa

Need a rug cleaning service that offers quality cleaning at a price you can afford?  Has something been spilled on the rug by your kids?  Or perhaps there was an accident on the rug caused by a pet. Quality rugs can be pricey. Rather than spending money on a replacement rug, you can simply get it cleaned and restored. Making it appear new once more. 

Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa is a company that provides affordable yet exemplary area rug cleaning services. Our team is familiar with all types of fabrics and textures, from wool to silk to cotton, Persian to oriental, even synthetic rugs. Whether you’re looking for rug cleaning for multiple rugs or just one, we’ve got you covered. 

Usually, people don’t think about their area rugs until something happens to them and they start seeing all the stains on them. You might be thinking you can’t afford professional cleaners or don’t have enough time to deal with the hassle of it all. We can help in this situation!  

Let Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa assist you. Prices are competitive at our company. Our specialized factory or on-site cleaning services will handle all the heavy lifting. Furthermore, we ensure that you receive your rug back looking as clean as possible. Once you take delivery you will see that your rug will look as good as when it left the store the first time. 

In addition, our fast turnaround time means that your rug will look new in no time after our rug cleaning process. Imagine the wonderful difference your home will have with a rug that is clean, stain-free, odour-free, and free from stains. There will be no regrets. Visitors that come by will be sure to notice!  This will make the room shine. 

You can reach us anytime day or night for questions about area rug cleaning and to book an appointment. It is possible for us to clean even the dirtiest rugs that have accumulated grime and gunk over the years. So they just look stunning once again, like new. We handle all jobs regardless of size or complexity. 

There is no difference in what kind of rug you have. The company you want to clean is Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa. Whether you have a carpet cleaning emergency or need a rug cleaning turnaround faster than normal. Maybe you are looking to get your rub back within a few days. It’s doable!  Please get in touch with us so we can make arrangements for you. Our free quote is waiting for you. Call now.

rug cleaning services Oshawa

Area Rug Cleaning

A rug can be made from a variety of different materials. Depending on the rug, a different type of cleaning process needs to be followed. Some can be machine washed, while others must be hand washed. However, our rug cleaning results are always the same. Get rid of all dirt, grime, gunk, stains and embedded soil. When we follow our process your rug will look just like new and feel just as soft as it did at the time of purchase. 

The following procedure is used by our company. All rugs fall under this process. If they are washed in a specialized facility or if they are cleaned on-site.

Pre Inspection of the Rug

As part of our thorough inspection, we assess all aspects of your rug so we can identify any problems. So, we can formulate the best cleaning plan for your rug. Based on its base material, each area rug is cleaned in a different way.

Dusting & Vacuuming

Next, we do a thorough vacuum. We vacuum on-site manually or use our dusting machine. The machine removes the debris built up over years that is nearly impossible to remove without this machine.

Washing / Steam Cleaning

Cleaning the rug and washing it follows next. Your rug will be hosed down with our specialized machinery or tools or you may choose to have your rug hand washed. Rugs that we clean on-site are usually steam cleaned by our specialized rug cleaning machine.

Centrifuge Pre-Dry (In Facility)

After washing your rug it’s drenched with water to remove all excess chemicals and soap. We then use a high-powered centrifuge to dry the rug if it is in our facility. This extracts most of the water stored in the area rug.

Controlled Dry

Following this step is a controlled drying process at our facility. The temperature and humidity are controlled in our special drying room to produce ideal drying conditions for every rug. It takes a day or so for each rug to dry. We will dry your rugs in your home after they are cleaned on-site.

Final Inspection and Touches

Now we vacuum one last time and complete a final inspection. As a final step, brush your rug to make it look vibrant once more. this machine.

Can Area Rug Cleaning Be Done in My Home?

Answering this question involves two steps. Let’s start with the first part. A rug’s ability to be cleaned in a home really depends on its type. In short, rug cleaning in the home is more of a ‘tidy up’ rather than a proper cleaning. It will be impossible to prevent buildup over the years with even weekly vacuuming. A rug will be cleaned best if it is not done on-site. This is not a way for us to increase our price tag. This is the truth as it stands. The best rug cleaning companies leave nothing to chance when it comes to the rug’s care. That means suggesting off-site cleaning. 

Dust and debris from a rug are very difficult to remove without a dusting machine. You might remember how it felt like to beat the dust out of a rug. Right? Forever, that’s what it feels like to get the dust-out. And no matter how long you go for the dust keeps coming. In rugs, soil can accumulate by the pound. And what does adding water to soil do?  It’s no secret, Mud. Mud forms in the fibres when a rug is cleaned without proper dusting and this leads to a ‘dry rot’ of the rug fibres. Eventually, your rug will need to be thrown away if this is the case because it cannot be corrected. 

A rug that is cleaned on-site requires a considerable amount of water to be cleaned properly, so it is difficult for it to dry. If they are placed back in the home while still damp they can start to smell and develop mold. 

We only recommend cleaning store-bought rugs that are thin for our onsite cleaning service. Or non-delicate rugs that need a specific spot removal clean from a stain. Other rugs should be cleaned at a rug cleaning facility that specializes in rug cleaning.

Pick Up And Drop Off Service for Area Rugs

In order to make our customers’ lives easier, we provide a pickup and delivery service from your residence to our facility. We will be happy to pick up your rug at your home or business free of charge. 

Rugs often weigh a lot. And large in size!  Large rugs are too large for average family cars.|Let us do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to lug around a rug. 

This is something we routinely do, picking up and returning rugs that require cleaning. Your rug will be picked up at a convenient time for you. Our team can pick up your area rug at your front door or at a side gate if you are not at home. Our team will call you after the rug has been cleaned to let you know, and we will arrange a time to deliver the rug back to you. We can help you relocate it. You may also have your rug dropped off outside your residence if scheduling is a problem. 

pick up and drop off rug cleaning services Oshawa

Listed above is our brief and summed-up version of the step-by-step cleaning process for easy reading.Please read on to learn more about how our company cleans rugs. the complete process!

Complete Area Rug Assessment

In the event of a spill or accident on your rug, it may need extra care. Our specialized area rug assessment can help determine the extent of the damage and determine the best course of action for restoration. 

Let us know about your situation so we can make things easy for you. If, however, we feel that we need to see the rug before we can make a proper recommendation, we will give you a number you can text us with some photos so we can take a proper look at it.

Pre-treatment And Spot Clean For Hard To Remove Stains

Rugs can be frustrating if they’re dirty. Pre-treat any stains or spots that may need more than just a general deep clean by our area rug cleaning professionals. As a result of the time we take to inspect and analyze every rug, our clients are always satisfied with the level of service we provide. Furthermore, our rug technicians use green products to clean delicate rugs, eliminate odours, sanitize, and remove stains without harming them.

Can You Spot Clean My Area Rug?

When there is only one spot that needs stain removal, but other areas are just dirty from foot traffic. Our objective will be to thoroughly clean the entire rug rather than just cleaning a few spots. How come? Due to the fact that one section will look amazing and very clean. The rest will still appear dirty and soiled. 

But, if your rug is clean overall and you are just dealing with one stain we can do a spot clean of that one area. We do, however, have a minimum service charge. So it’s worth it to get the whole rug done.

Gentle Scrubbing Or Hand-washing vs Deep Steam Cleaning vs Machine Wash

Cleaning techniques that we use depend on the type of material used in your rug. 

Delicate area rugs are cleaned using gentle scrubbing or hand washing techniques. Additionally, if your rug has heavy soiling, we can use a deep steam extraction procedure. Rugs with delicate fibres will not be cleaned by this process. It is our goal to serve your best interest, and our rug cleaning process is safe and non-damaging. 

It is also possible to clean area rugs by machine. We have a special cleaning facility for this purpose. The heavy lifting is accomplished with the assistance of a large industrial-grade machine. A rug that can get a machine wash will always come out looking better and be cleaner overall than an on-site clean. However, only rugs that are not delicate may be machine washed.

Eco-friendly Solutions and Services

For all of our rug cleaning services, we utilize eco-friendly solutions. 

The exact type and amount of natural cleaning solution needed for your rug depend on its shape, size, and material composition. No harmful residue will be left on your priceless rugs after we use the green products. Because of this, you gain a physical and economic advantage because your rug fibres will last longer.

Deodorize And Disinfecting Service

The cleaner we use for all of our services is gentle and hypoallergenic. This kills and disinfectants all the nasty bugs and germs that have been living in your rugs. The hypoallergenic solution we use cannot be penetrated. To keep your rug fresh and smelling clean, we deodorize after we are done.

Water Extraction And Drying for Area Rugs

Water and dust are removed by vacuum suction. Our equipment is high-powered, commercial-quality and the best in the business. We do this to ensure that your rugs are not left wet after we have finished cleaning them. Rugs that are wet can grow mold or simply get damaged overall. This is why we make sure we don’t leave you with wet rugs!

Area Rug Drying Options

Before leaving, we make sure your rugs are as dry as possible. The most advanced equipment and tools are used to get the job done quickly, including an extractor vacuum with a high-pressure setting. It is common for the suction to be at least 280 pounds per square inch. Rug type determines which equipment we need. As a result, your rugs will remain cleaner. 

Rug size will determine the amount of time it takes to dry. 

As it’s impossible to wring all the moisture out of a rug, there will always be some drying time. The dampness of your rug is removed if we clean it in our facility by placing it in our drying room. For rugs we clean on-site, we ask that you refrain from using the rug for 24 hours after the cleaning. The average drying time for an area rug is actually less than 24 hours, but it’s best to avoid stepping on it for at least a day after it has been washed.

Rug Protection Services

Using a special protective coating will maintain the cleanliness of your rugs. Rugs can be protected by a number of different methods. Scotchgard protector kits are most popular, as they prevent spills, stains, and dirt from sticking to your rug for up to six months. When you call for a quote, be sure to ask about this. Read more about our protector and sanitizer service.

Types Of Area Rugs We Clean

There is no rug type we cannot clean, from Persian, Indian, and cotton rugs to hand-knotted wool and silk rugs. 

Additionally, we clean antique oriental rugs that have been handed down through generations. Old oriental rugs require special care because you can find them made of delicate materials, or they may be made with intricate punch needlework. Our professional hand cleaning technique is used to restore these pieces back to their original condition.

Health Benefits Of A Clean Rug

Keeping your area rug clean and in excellent condition is important. As it can influence the health and quality of life. As rugs trap airborne allergens, such as dust, pet dander, pollen, and mold spores, they help reduce allergens due to their natural ability to trap them at their surface. 

It means you are not only getting a clean space but reducing the amounts of pollutants in the air that can trigger asthma symptoms like coughing and difficulty breathing.|Since rugs offer an additional layer of filtration, they are especially beneficial for people who suffer from respiratory issues such as allergies or asthma. 

Likewise, what maintenance should a filter undergo regularly?  We are talking about cleaning. A rug is a great filter for a home. However, they should always be cleaned regularly.

rug cleaning Oshawa

Why Pick Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa?

We are professional rug cleaners that are dedicated to providing the best quality service for an affordable price. Your rug will look brand new again thanks to our expert cleaning services.

Having been in business for roughly three decades, we know how to clean rugs effectively and efficiently no matter what type of stain they may have. To schedule an appointment, call us today.

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