Ontario Regiment Museum

The Ontario Regiment Museum offers the best collection of historical military vehicles in North America, many of which are used for TV and film productions, reenactments, and parades. These living historical artifacts are maintained by a small army of volunteers in Oshawa by driving and repairing them regularly. The museum has been supported by volunteers throughout the pandemic.

As the only AVA developed by a Canadian company, CloudConstable’s Master Corporal Lana stands out from the crowd. As she screens volunteers at the entrance to the employee lounge, she keeps an eye out for signs of COVID-19 in residents and tourists of Oshawa. If MCpl Lana proves to be effective and popular among staff, the museum will clone her once it opens for the public.

MCPl Lana’s initial goal was to provide visitors with friendly, helpful services, such as the ability to register for events and provide information about the facility. By providing entry via ticket, QR code, or even facial recognition, she can count visitors, manage crowds, and ensure that users are taken care of. Through her natural language processing capabilities, she can carry out conversations and answer frequently asked questions; she can also answer questions with a nod “yes” or “no” using AI depth vision.

Due to a new Coronavirus, the museum in Oshawa was forced to close just as she was about to make her debut. A consultation with the Ontario Regiment Museum led to the creation of CloudConstable, an animated personal assistant.

At the museum, more than 100 volunteers take care of a fleet of military vehicles from the 1940s. The maintenance department ensures the fuel does not go bad, keeps the vehicle seals in good condition, and prevents broken, expensive parts from breaking down. History buffs can view tanks on TV or experience them in person by driving them in nearby fields in Oshawa.

Volunteer health was the new priority, and MCpl Lana was in charge of keeping volunteers safe.

Several reasons suggest she will be popular with a range of clients: COVID-19 has led people to be wary of close contact but at the same time eager for more human interaction.

Executive director Jeremy Blowers of The Ontario Regiment Museum in Oshawa, Canada was impressed to see how interested people of all ages and backgrounds were in MCpl Lana, and most were eager to sign up for her facial recognition functionality.

“A notable advantage of MCpl Lana’s is that she doesn’t take breaks, she’s never run down, and she’s always on message,” he said. “However, it was fantastic to see how enthusiastic everyone was about her. The technology might take a quantum leap forward at this moment.

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