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Office Cubicle & Partition Cleaning Service

office cubicle and partition cleaning Oshawa

There are a great number of cubicles and partitions found in many modern offices today. Usually, when a business conducts routine office cleaning, fabric-covered office panels that are generally used in the office are overlooked. Fabric-covered office panels, partitions, cubicles, as well as fabric-covered wall dividers, require periodic cleaning in order to look good and facilitate a positive perception of the office to your employees and clients visiting your premises.

As a leading commercial cleaning company, Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa understands the specialized cleaning techniques needed for office partitions and cubicles safely. Our experienced teams use innovative, high-tech equipment and technology that results in a clean, fresh look. This is to assist in and remove stains, dirt, dust mites, and other allergens from the walls and partitions of your cubicle.

Office Cubicles & Partition Cleaning Services

The use of cubicles is an efficient and easy way of increasing workspaces, creating an individual working area and allowing for an increased number of workers to be placed in one building. Even though a cubicle is a type of wall, it is not easily cleaned like a painted, permanent wall. It is common for cubicle walls to be built with a fabric overlay, where dust, germs, bacteria, dirt, and other contaminants are easily attracted to.

The cost of replacing them can be tremendous due to the fact that they can have as many as three wall panels — the left, the right, and the middle. By obtaining professional cleaning for your office partitions, you can save thousands of dollars compared to replacements. You can trust us to clean cubicles of all types in your office like office cubicles, office panels, and fabric wall partitions. It is likely that dust and other stains have settled on the cubicle walls if you have had the office for a long period of time. Usually, you can’t even see the dirt. Nevertheless, it exists! 

Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa uses a deep cleaning process that combines a vacuuming solution, as well as warm water washing and scrubbing to eradicate dirt from your cubicles. Our process begins with water-based preps that are followed by an industrial power washer to remove any remaining stains. Spraying down the panels is very important as they get cleaned from all angles this way. Once the cubicle walls are vacuumed, we use a dry-dusting process in order to reveal any remaining dirt or dust. As a result of cleaning fabric walls and partitions, we speed up the drying process. In order to ensure that fabric dries as quickly as possible, we may use industrial air movers. The last step will be to sanitize the panels with a disinfectant so they will be clean and sanitary for your employees to use.

Types of Cubicle Cleaning

Cleaning office cubicles and partitions can be a tedious task, but it is beneficial. The following are some reasons why you should regularly clean your office cubicles and partitions.

Stain Removal

In many cases, people eat lunch in their cubicles because they are extremely busy, causing the food to splash onto the walls. Food stains can be very unpleasant to look at, but they also pose a threat to bacteria and cause bad odours. Cubicle cleaning is rarely at the top of the list of tasks for anyone in the office, and if the spots are not identified, they are not cleaned by the regular cleaning crew either. You can turn to Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa for help with this issue and we will ensure that any stains are removed before they become a bigger issue.

Dirt Removal

It’s important to regularly clean cubicle walls since they are always in contact with the human body, which leaves behind oil from our hands, dirt from clothes, and bacteria that we naturally eliminate. Using disinfectant cleaners will get rid of all of these substances. Cleaning should be done as soon as possible to prevent dirt and bacteria from taking hold. Leaving the surfaces unattended for a long period of time will make the removal process more difficult.

Improves Air Quality

When we clean cubicles and partitions, it also means that the air circulating in the office is cleaner. The cleaning solutions offered by Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa help you accomplish this because they are odourless, powerful, and non-toxic. We can make the workspace more enjoyable for all by removing those germs, allergens and odour-causing microorganisms.

Increases Employee Efficiency

Clean spaces not only make your employees feel better but also demonstrate that you care for them. In many cases, this is very subtle and no one will mention it, but in your staff member’s minds, they will know that you care about the cleanliness of your work environment. Just imagine what your employees would be thinking if your office was dirty?

A clean workspace is indirectly linked to a happy workforce. Similarly, a happy staff leads to improved productivity.

How Often Should Office Cubicles and Partitions be Cleaned

We receive this question most frequently from commercial clients. Usually, cubicle partitions are fabric, which acts as a dust and dirt magnet. You should have cubicle walls professionally cleaned at least every year; however, a bi-annual cleaning is best particularly in spaces with high staff numbers. Other things in the office such as sofas can be cleaned with the same timeframes. We also offer sofa cleaning.

Maintaining Cubicles and Partitions Properly

Your cubicle or partition can still accumulate dirt even when no staff is present. But there are some things you can do to keep your cubicle or partition in good condition.

Clean Stains and Spills Immediately

Due to the fact that office cubicles and partitions are sometimes used as a place to consume food and drink in addition to working, it is vital to remove stains and spills as soon as possible in order to prevent the growth of bacteria. This is especially true since the splatter night hit the carpet and cubicle.

Nighttime Cleaning

Keep the office partitions and cubicles clean by making sure the janitorial cleaning crew has the partitions on their to-do list when it comes to nighttime cleaning. A quick wipe down of the external metal barrier should be completed a few times per week along with a vacuum of the partition’s fabric material. By including these two items on the nighttime cleaner’s to-do list, all of the work that must be done overall can be reduced.

You cannot simply wipe away stains with a damp towel. Staff members should report these issues as soon as possible to ensure they can be dealt with. A spot clean may be performed by the nighttime crew if they have the right equipment for the task or a professional may be hired to perform the task.

office cubicle cleaning service Oshawa

Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa As Your Prefered Cubicle Wall Cleaning Professional

Managing a large office can make cleaning cubicle walls quite a challenge. For all kinds of office spaces, we offer cubicle wall cleaning services. Our service allows us to remove spots and stains from cubicle wall panels, so you will never have to worry about your cubicle wall panels becoming dirty again. Killing the allergens and bacteria and even extending the life of your office furniture.

Get a free quote from Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa and schedule an in-home consultation today! Remember, a clean cubicle and office environment will look and smell nicer, and contribute to a healthier working environment for your staff and customers.

Also included in our cleaning services are general upholstery cleaning and specialized sofa cleaning. Also, the company offers other commercial cleaning services such as office chair cleaning that can be done in conjunction with cubicle cleaning during the same appointment.

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