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The average person spends approximately one-third of their time sleeping. However, cleaning a mattress is something you don’t normally think about. Although most people don’t think about cleaning, it should be part of your regular routine. 

It’s no secret how important mattresses are to our lives. We benefit from mattresses in terms of our health and well-being. We sleep and rest comfortably on mattresses each night. We can also use them while reading books or watching a movie with our family or even when we just need to chill out while using your phone. 

That is exactly why contamination occurs. Our bodies accumulate dust, dead skin cells, sweat and oil, dirt, grime, and all kinds of other things. Even though dirt and germs can cause staining, for the most part, they are invisible. It is possible that your mattress is also dirty as a result of other circumstances, such as pets lying on it. You can imagine how much dirt, bacteria, and other pollutants are being brought in from the outside, which we cannot see.

The importance of cleaning your mattress increases if you or anyone in your family suffers from any health problems. A clean mattress is a healthy mattress. 

In addition, it is important to understand that mattresses are not made of only one type of material. The cushion is made up of multiple layers of materials, including foam or cotton, vinyl linings and polyester fabrics on the top and bottom, as well as wool and feather padding. Therefore, it is not just the surface that becomes dirty. We have a special cleaning process for dealing with the multiple layers.

Mattress Cleaners

A mattress can potentially be a serious investment. Although some will cost you a few hundred dollars, others can cost you thousands, especially the high-end models. Therefore, you should learn how to take care of it so that it will last. As mentioned above, mattresses can harbour dust mites, dead skin, dirt, and other debris, so they should be cleaned on a regular basis, especially if you or someone in your family has allergies. 

It is basically a service that is designed to clean mattresses by removing stains, dust mites, or other unwanted particles from them, and to help keep them clean, fresh, and free from allergens such as bacteria and mould. 

There’s good news: Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa can deep clean and refresh your mattress, removing the bacteria and allergens that could be ruining your sleep. 

Beds are now cleaner than ever before with our cleaning system. We’re not just doing basic steam clean. For a complete restoration, we have some of the best equipment available for cleaning the mattress. 

To ensure that your mattresses are thoroughly cleansed and hygienically fresh, we conduct an intensive cleaning procedure utilizing two separate steps. We deliver results that are better than many other cleaning companies, and we are confident that you will be amazed by our service. 

Also, mattresses of different kinds require different cleaning techniques, as they are each cleaned differently. For example, steam cleaning is the most common method used to clean mattresses. As opposed to dry foam treatments remove pet hair without causing moisture damage. In order to fix your mattress, we must first determine the type of mattress you have, and the problem that needs to be addressed.

Why Is Cleaning Your Mattress Important?

Professional mattress cleaning has the following benefits:

Increased Air Quality

One of the main causes of polluted air in a room is a dirty mattress. Considering the amount of sweat, dust, oil, and dead skin found in mattresses, it is easy to understand why they can pollute the air around them. Staying in a dirty room causes you to smell bad and breathe in contaminants. You can achieve better air quality in your home instantly by having your mattress cleaned. 

If the biological contaminants and the potential odours are removed from the room, then you can sleep better at night. When your mattress is clean, you will sleep better and breathe better.

Reduces the Risk of Allergies and Itching

Sleep is hard to come by when you are constantly scratching and sneezing at night. Besides dust mites and fungi irritating your allergies, a mattress can also irritate your skin and cause you discomfort. Getting rid of harmful bacteria reduces the likelihood of allergies, itching, and certain illnesses.

Prolonged Lifespan of Your Mattress

You should clean your mattress regularly in order to extend its life expectancy. Clean it thoroughly so that wear and tear can be reduced between the linings and the cover. If a mattress casing is torn, it is vulnerable to damage, exposing inner springs and cushioning, which wear out more rapidly. Clean your mattress on a regular basis to prevent this from happening. 

Having your mattress professionally cleaned twice a year will help prevent odours, bacterial growth, and heavy stains from accumulating. You may hire Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa to deep-clean your mattress. We will make you sleep better and the results will be spectacular.

Our Mattress Cleaning Methods

Stain Removal

With our cleaning services, even the toughest stains, such as blood, urine, ink and wine, can be removed. Furthermore, organic stains can contribute to mattress health problems by encouraging the growth of germs. There are complex stains that should be removed as soon as possible because not doing so may further damage the material. 

At Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa, we have expert technicians that are experienced cleaners who can deal with your mattress. With their expertise in stains and their corresponding treatment methods, they are capable of removing stains safely and effectively.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning mattresses is a modern way to deep clean them.

We are confident that we can restore your mattress to its original state and leave it smelling fresh and soft. As a result, our steam cleaning method is also very effective in removing all germs and microbes since the hot temperatures are sufficient to kill these germs.

Odour Removal

You know how it feels to sleep on a stinky mattress. Dirty mattresses also contribute to indoor air pollution and degrade the quality of air in the home as a result of the odour they emit. You can use our mattress odour removal service to get rid of all the odours and odour-causing bacteria lurking inside your mattress. In general, we use natural and green products to remove mattress odours. In addition, natural oils and essential oils improve a mattress’s natural smell and keep it safe and odourless.

Dry Cleaning

A popular alternative to conventional mattress cleaning is dry cleaning, which provides amazing benefits for the quality and condition of the mattress. We use dry cleaning agents that are designed to yield better cleaning results, using the latest equipment available. With our service, we will remove any odour present in your mattress. This type of service is generally used when time is of the essence.

The drying time for steam cleaning is usually six to eight hours. By using dry cleaning, this time span is reduced to almost nothing.

Mattress Warranty Cleaning

If you own a mattress that is covered by a warranty, you are generally required to get it cleaned every year in order to maintain the warranty. Also, if you are returning a mattress for an exchange, it is generally required that you have it professionally cleaned and provide a tax invoice before you can have it exchanged. 

Most people don’t realize just one single stain on the mattress might prevent you from returning it. Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa’s mattress warranty cleaning service will ensure that your mattress will be stain-free and look new.

For Mattress Sanitation and Mold Removal Services

Here atSpotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa we offer an effective mattress sanitization service that can eliminate all germs and pathogens. Our cleaning process utilizes disinfectants that are powerful enough to kill all bacteria and viruses. 

An infected mattress can become unusable due to mildew and mold. Antifungal and anti-mould chemicals are used to eliminate mold.

After the mold is removed the mattress is thoroughly cleaned and properly disinfected to further eradicate mold.

Our service prevents future mold growth by creating a protective barrier that lasts for months.

Commercial Mattress Cleaning Service

We also provide commercial mattress cleaning services. 

Whether you own a bed and breakfast with 10 mattresses to clean, or perhaps you manage the cleaning services for a hotel or aged care facility with 500+ mattresses to clean.

Our technician team and our equipment can assist in completing any job. Proper maintenance is even more important in a commercial setting than in the home.

Mattress Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

The ultimate solution is to have your mattress professionally cleaned. Combine professional cleaning with a regular cleaning routine for the best results. 

Do you know how to take care of your mattress? Regularly vacuuming your mattress is one recommendation. A weekly vacuum of your mattress is all it takes. It is also strongly recommended that you invest in a quality mattress cover. A mattress cover helps to prevent sweat, moisture, hair, pet dander, and dirt from penetrating the mattress. It is also advisable if you have small children or pets to get a waterproof mattress cover. 

However, even if your mattress cover is waterproof, you should still seek professional assistance in order to remove all of the bacteria, allergens, and microbes that may be present in the mattress cover. Additionally, it is important to periodically inspect the mattress cover for tears. 

You may sometimes find that they break and you will no longer have complete protection for your mattress. 

Moreover, regular mattress rotation will also help extend the life of the mattress padding. If you have a double-sided mattress, you need to flip it frequently. It is recommended that you perform this task at least once a month, and you should wash your bedding every two weeks. By doing so, it keeps your bed smelling fresh and prevents odours from becoming ingrained in the mattress. If you follow these simple steps, your mattress will remain in good condition.

mattress cleaning service Oshawa

Why Pick Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa

Since we began operating in 2006, Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa has been restoring and saving mattresses for our customers.

We have perfected our method to offer a deeper clean, which means your mattress will retain its excellent shape for a longer period of time. Our technicians also work with all-natural, non-toxic eco-friendly cleaners so your health will not be put at risk. Call us today to schedule your mattress cleaning and even a sectional cleaning also. We are a professional company that completes the job efficiently and effectively. Knowing that your mattress is clean and healthy allows you to rest easily at night.

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