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How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

This is a very common question and the answer is that it depends on many factors. But, we do recommend that you get a professional carpet cleaning service performed at least every 6 to 12 months.

– If you want the long answer keep reading.
– How fast and how dirty do your carpets get?
– Do you have pets, kids, or smoke around your home?
– Is there an unusual amount of foot traffic in your home or is it used as a home office?
– Are the humidity levels of your home higher than usual as it’s not well ventilated?
– How fast do high-traffic areas get soiled?
– How often is the carpet being stained?

This is just a short list of factors that will determine how often you should get your carpet cleaned. To add to this the carpet manufacturer will also have their own advice on how often the carpet should be professionally cleaned.

The best thing to do if you are considering getting carpet cleaning is to call us at (647) 372-5015. We will provide you with a quote and get you booked. And after we have all the information we need when you call, we will be able to let you know a good idea of how often you should get carpet cleaning based on your situation. And if you really want to get a proper answer make sure to ask the technician we send out for your appointment as they will actually see the state your carpet is in and be able to give you the most accurate answer.

What Is The Best Method For Cleaning Carpets?

It’s important that you hire professionals to clean your carpets, like the ones at Spotless. This is because professionals use steam cleaning that provides deep-down dirt removal and leaves no residue.

It should be mentioned that a deep stream cleaning from a professional is very different from a DIY rental machine. Rental machines without professional help can end up causing issues for carpets and even irreversible damage.

How Long Does It Take Carpet To Dry After Cleaning?

Carpet typically takes at least six hours to properly dry after a thorough carpet cleaning.

Water can’t evaporate completely from the carpet in a short time period. Have you tried to dry laundry inside? It takes much longer than if it was outside, right. The same applies to carpet dry times.

While the six-hour timeframe is the proper answer that we like to provide it will totally depend on the home the carpet is in and the weather. In summer the carpet can dry faster on a hot day if the home has all the winders open with good ventilation. If it’s winter and you have a basement that just got carpet cleaning with poor ventilation it might take longer than six hours to dry.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Someone Clean Your Carpets?

The cost of your carpet will vary depending on what you need to get cleaned. As you can imagine the cost of cleaning a small condo will be much cheaper than a three-story home with 2,000 square feet of carpet that needs to be cleaned across a few bedrooms, some main living areas, and a basement with extra bedrooms.

When most people picture a deep cleaning it’s carpet steam cleaning and this is what we specialize in. 95%+ of our work is done with a deep steam cleaning process. The average job price range is in the $175 – $400 mark. And that covers the above. A small condo to a large home.

But, again, it depends on what is required. To get a quote please call us at (647) 372-5015.

How Often Should Carpet Be Vacuumed?

Vacuum your carpets twice a week. Why? Well…

A healthy home starts with a clean carpet. Vacuum your carpets twice weekly to avoid respiratory problems and harmful materials from settling in the fibres! If you have been away for 3 months or more, and no vacuuming has taken place then professional cleaning services are recommended before living in the property again.

Is Steam Cleaning Good For Carpets?

Steam cleaning is the best way to keep your carpets clean. Not only will it open up dirt embedded in the carpet fibres but it can remove stains and heavy carpet soiling. A dirty carpet is not a good thing at all. Keeping a carpet clean will actually increase the carpet’s lifespan. To add to this a steam cleaner can sanitize and deodorize.

Carpets that stay dirty get damaged faster than normal.

Do You Vacuum Or Do I Do It Before You Come?

It’s best for you to vacuum your carpets before professional steam cleaning takes place. If you don’t the dirt and other foreign matter will get stuck in between the fibres of the fabric, making it very difficult for us to clean properly!

A lot of people think we do everything. This is because they believe that carpet cleaning means we clean up all the dirt and debris from your home, but we’re only there to steam clean it! We’re not a maid service.

We don’t want this to come across in the wrong manner. So to expand on this, you’re hiring us for a very specialized service. Our responsibility will be in removing stains, cleaning soiled areas, and in general steam cleaning the carpet to make it look new again. You are not hiring us to vacuum.

TL;DR – You vacuum before we come. Then we steam clean.

Is Dry Or Wet Carpet Cleaning Better?

The modern steam extraction system is ideal for removing soil from your carpet. This is a ‘wet’ cleaning system. While it is a wet cleaning system, in reality, the pressurized steam that is injected into the carpet is extracted and only 5% of the water remains.

This method of cleaning is the best method in our opinion for 99% of carpet cleaning.

How Long Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Take?

Maybe 90 minutes. Maybe two hours. Maybe longer than 5 hours.

It all depends on how much carpet needs to be cleaned. A small condo studio will be the fastest, but if you have a 5 bedroom home and are tackling heavily soiled areas or stains from pets then expect it to take longer than just one hour, it will likely take a few hours.

Our average job length is two hours for the most part. Call us for a quote at (647) 372-5015 and once we know the exact situation we are dealing with we will be able to give you an accurate timeframe.

Can I Walk On Carpet After Steam Cleaning?

To avoid damaging your carpet, it’s recommended that you wait six hours before using the cleaned area. Ideally 24 hours though, but, this is not always possible.

If you walk on a carpeted surface that’s still drying with shoes the dirt very easily gets embedded into carpet fibres. Barefeet have natural skin oils that can seep into the carpet also. This can result in staining and you will need to get the carpet cleaned again.

If you really must walk on the carpet before it’s dry the only recommendation that we can make is to wear brand new socks or freshly washed socks. Preferably white, quality socks. But, it’s always best to simply not walk on the carpet until it’s 100% dry.

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