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If you think about your home’s furniture, upholstered chairs are probably the last thing on your mind. They remain, however, one of the most commonly used household items. There is no question that when it comes to chairs, whether it is for viewing TV or eating dinner at the dining room table, upholstered chairs are essential to our daily lives in any way.

Unfortunately, regular use and exposure to dirt and dust particles can also result in the accumulation of stains. It is even possible for bacteria and germs to become dangerous if not properly cleaned.

As a leading provider of premium cleaning services, Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa has developed a method for effectively cleaning chairs at home. Having cleaned thousands of chairs, it would be fair to say we know what we are doing.

chair cleaning services Oshawa

Professional Chair Cleaning Service

A semi-regular cleaning schedule is advisable depending on the frequency with which your chairs are used and the type of surface material they are made from. There will also be different cleaning methods for different materials. No worries. Our technicians are trained to handle any type of material that your upholstered chairs may be made from. Our staff uses a specially formulated cleaning solution to perform the cleaning.

Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa’s Chair Cleaning Process

At Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa, we clean upholstered chairs of all types, including, but not limited to, armchairs, bedroom slipper chairs, dining chairs, and etc.

Our method of chair cleaning is very specific. For over 15 years, our cleaning method has satisfied our clients. Through a deep steam cleaning process, we remove dirt, stains, bacteria, and other microscopic particles of dust that are left behind from everyday use. We deep clean your chairs in the following manner:

Step #1 – Vacuuming

We vacuum the chair’s fabric surface to remove dust, loose dirt, and other allergens such as pet dander. If the fabric smells mouldy or musty, we use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to pick up mold spores.

Step #2 – Pre-Treatment

Now, the pre-treatment is applied that is designed specifically to handle different fabrics, as well as substances such as coffee, tea, and ink. The purpose of this pre-treatment is to break up stains and general soiling of the carpet so that it will be easier to clean.

Step #3 – Steam Cleaning

The chair is then deep-steamed and we apply our high temperature, low water process to eliminate bacteria from the fabric surface as well as from the seam, back, and armrests. It works by using powerful vapour along with a cleaning solution containing a chemical upholstery cleaner that gets right into fabrics for maximum cleaning power.

Step #4 – Sanitizing

Once all dirt and bacteria have been removed from the fabric surfaces, our sanitizing process eliminates residual odours on the fabric surface. In this case, a green solution has been tested for child safety and certified to be used around infants and toddlers.

Step #5 – Final Inspection

Moreover, we perform a final inspection to ensure everything has been completed properly and that you are satisfied with our work. Whenever anything is missed, it is resolved before we depart.

Why Is It Important To Clean Chairs

In the course of a day, we move chairs all around the place. A chair is often placed in highly trafficked areas and it gets very dirty very quickly as a result. In case you notice dirt on your chair, it’s time for you to give it some extra cleaning.

Although it may seem like a simple task, it is more complex than that. Cleaning a chair is no different from cleaning any other piece of furniture in your home, so it is important to do it properly. Here are some of the benefits you get when you have your chairs professionally cleaned.

Allergen Removal

It is possible that regular cleaning will not be sufficient to remove all dirt and grime, which may be embedded within the furniture’s fabric. The chairs at Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa are vacuumed using industrial-grade vacuums to remove contaminants and allergens, thereby reducing the risk of respiratory disease.


Taking care of your chairs is paramount, as they can be the most expensive investment for your home. If dirt is removed from the fabric, it can be possible to prolong the life of chairs by preventing the degradation of materials or fibres that have been exposed to harmful substances such as bacteria or general soiling.

Healthy Environment

Bacteria can breed on chairs. Your furniture can harbour this bacteria, which can create an unsanitary living environment for you and your family. Having your chair cleaned regularly can help remove dust and food residue that has accumulated over time. The result will not only be an improved aesthetic for your chair, but it will also render your home more hygienic.

Safer Cleaning Practices

You shouldn’t clean your chair like an old dish towel, because the fabric isn’t designed to be cleaned in that manner. Upholstery, such as that of chairs, can be very fragile, so it must be handled by a professional. While you could pick up a bottle of fabric cleaner from the grocery store, this is not a prudent decision unless you are experienced.

It is our technicians’ duty to determine the safest and most effective way to clean your chairs and always keep them looking new.

Cleaning Tips for Chair Care

Especially for families with children and pets, caring for upholstered chairs can be quite a challenge. Here are some tips to help you maintain your chairs.


It is very important to do this each week to keep your chairs free of soil. Furthermore, the fibres are prevented from becoming embedded with dirt. The dirt may also be removed by brushing gently. If you use a brush, ensure that the bristles are soft so they will not snag on the fabric.

Spot Cleaning

You may extend the life of your upholstered chairs by providing regular care for them. Accidents are, however, inevitable. Immediately blot spills with a clean towel. Don’t rub, just blot gently. In some cases, this is enough to eliminate the stain, especially if the fabric was pretreated with a fabric protector.

When you want to spot clean a surface, test the product on an inconspicuous area first and review the manufacturer’s instructions to determine whether you need water-based or solvent-based cleaners. Cleaners that are mild are the best. You can use a soft brush to work the cleaner into the fibres, and then vacuum off any soap residue or gently wipe it with a dry cloth to remove any remaining residue.

Avoid Sunlight and Pollutants

A lot of sun exposure can damage upholstery fabric, causing it to fade and fray. Try to position your chair so that it does not sit in the sun for an extended period of time. Particularly for silks and other delicate fabrics, this is true.

You can also damage fabrics with airborne pollutants, such as smoke or fumes from cooking. It is not always possible to prevent this, but proper ventilation may be able to assist. Additionally, it can minimize odours since upholstered furniture absorbs smells.

Call a Professional

The best way to maintain your chairs is to have them professionally cleaned every six months to every year. This will ensure that they get a thorough deep cleaning. It is best to have this done regularly instead of waiting until it becomes very dirty. Getting a chair back to its original glory gets harder and harder as dirt builds up. We also have a mattress cleaning service.

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Why Use Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa for Chair Cleaning

In the event that fabric chairs are not properly maintained, they can collect germs, such as bacteria, which can cause colds and other illnesses. Keeping your chairs clean and healthy is imperative to ensuring your home is as clean and healthy as possible.

It’s okay, we’re here to serve. Chair cleaning is well within the scope of Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa. Our company is not just a generic upholstery cleaning service. You may contact us today for a quote and we can arrange an appointment for you. All stains and dirt will be removed and cleaned from your chairs. Upon completion, there will not be a single inconspicuous spot left at the end.

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