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Basement Carpet Cleaning

basement carpet cleaning service Oshawa

It is a great idea to have carpet as a flooring option in your finished basement. At least once per year, you should consider having your basement carpets professionally cleaned. With over 15 years of industry experience with professional carpet cleaning, Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa brings you an affordable and quality service that will leave your basement carpet looking clean and amazing plus it will be free of the dangers lurking underneath.

basement carpet cleaning Oshawa

Basement Carpet Cleaning Service

Despite diligent efforts, a carpet is impossible to keep spotless, especially if the room is used frequently. Many people use converted basements as spaces for entertaining and relaxing, so they are utilized extensively. The carpet in your basement will inevitably get dirty.

The following are some reasons why you should hire our professional carpet cleaning service to clean your basement carpet

Increased Moisture Levels

It tends to be more difficult to maintain airflow in basements, even in modern ones. There are basements that don’t have any external doors or vents that help deliver air to the room. These ones are the real culprits. This can increase humidity levels. Airflow has been restricted, which accounts for this. Increased humidity levels can cause all kinds of issues.

A basement carpet will gather all kinds of dirt, germs, and allergens, just as any carpet will. Due to the decreased airflow, issues will present themselves much faster, such as strange odours from stale air, which isn’t all that bad. However, this can lead to more serious problems, like mold in your basement carpet. As a result, health problems such as allergies are likely to happen. This is why you need to regularly clean your basement carpet.

TIP – Be sure you can get fresh air flowing into your basement if you have doors, vents or windows. It will help these issues. You could also install a dehumidifier in your basement if none of the above are available.

Tracked-in Dirt

With carpet in basements, dirt can get tracked in on the bottoms of people’s shoes, especially if there is a direct entrance from outside. The most common things tracked into carpets are oil and dirt. These substances are among the most difficult to remove.

Spills and Stains

It is common to use basements as recreation rooms so that people can watch television, play video games, or socialize with other members of the family. As a result, spilled drinks and food stains are much more likely to occur. Apparently, spills and stains can soak deep into the carpet fibres. Especially if they are not addressed immediately.


Pets love carpets. It’s warmer than tiles or other places for them to relax. The responsibility of pet ownership comes with the knowledge that they will dirty your carpet from time to time. It happens a lot more actually.

If you have a pet, then you’ll probably need to clean your carpet more often than those who don’t have one. You might have a harder time taking care of a plain, light-coloured carpet if you have a pet. It is better to install a darker-coloured carpet in your basement.

Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa can provide assistance with all of these issues. For a free quote, call today!

Our Basement Carpet Cleaning Process

No one wants a dirty basement, especially the carpets. Therefore, it is advisable to have your carpet deep cleaned regularly. We recommend that a steam cleaning should be done every six months. But, if that’s not possible don’t let it go longer than a year due to the humidity issues that were discussed above.

Typically, Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa uses a steam cleaning process for our basement carpet cleaning.

Step #1 – Pre-Inspection & Fibre Test

Before we do anything, we inspect the basement carpet to make sure we know what we’re doing. We then carry out a quick test in order to determine the type of carpet fibre we are dealing with.

Step #2 – Power Vacuuming

We use a powerful industrial vacuum to clean the basement. Prior to steam cleaning, this is a critical thing to do.

Step #3 – Steam Cleaning

Then, we start working. We’re going to work with our carpet cleaner. Hot water is converted into steam by the machine. We clean your carpet to get rid of dirt, stains, allergens, and other foreign particles that shouldn’t be there. Once we are finished, the carpet in your basement will look magnificent.

Step #4 – Air Movers (Optional)

As basements and restricted airflow conditions make drying more difficult, we may use industrial air movers to assist in the process.

This is how we clean carpets with steam.

Benefits of Cleaning Basement Carpets

It is vital to clean the basement carpets for the safety and health of your family. Who wants a damp, musty home? There is no one, is there? Keeping your basement carpets clean is crucial to keeping your house in tip-top shape. Cleaning your basement carpet helps keep the air fresh, which in turn helps the carpet perform better. It’s true that carpets attract airborne pollutants and trap them, but dirty carpets can’t.

Your carpet should be vacuumed regularly to remove dirt, dust, and stains. It is recommended to do this twice a week to keep things smelling fresh and looking clean. Additionally, vacuuming your basement carpets will contribute to the longevity of the carpets.

In addition, you need to deal with any carpet stains in the basement as soon as possible. With a tissue, you should wipe the stain dry. You can even soak the paper towel in water and then wipe the stain off. Get as much of the stain out as you can. Avoid rubbing the stain as doing so will make it penetrate the carpet even deeper. Then contact us to deal with the actual stain removal process. Basement carpet stains must be dealt with ASAP. Ideally, before the stain sets in and begins to produce an odour in areas with restricted airflow.

steam cleaning basement carpet Oshawa

Why Pick Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa?

With 15 years of experience, Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa is an industry leader for basement carpet cleaning. The basement carpets we clean are kept in optimal condition by our cleaning team. Our technicians have extensive experience in carpet cleaning for basements. Plus, we use a special cleaning method that is specifically designed for basements and the limited airflow issues so your carpets are died properly.

Please contact Spotless Carpet Cleaning Oshawa today and schedule an appointment to receive fast, efficient, and reliable service that will leave you a satisfying experience. We also do commercial carpet cleaning.

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