Windfields Oshawa

Windfields sits on the northeast corner of Oshawa. Winchester Rd E forms a natural border to the north and is the main road to and from east-west. Simcoe St N is the other main road that covers the north-south direction. It shares a border with the neighbourhood of Kedron to the southeast and Samac to the south.

Along the corner of Winchester Rd E and Simcoe St N are where popular local food establishments are located such as The Canadian Brewhouse Oshawa, Tim Hortons, Wendy’s and Starbucks, going further south is the MR SUB right on the corner of Simcoe St N and Windfield Farms Drive W.

It is home to a few parks namely Gulfstream Park at Gulfstream Ave, Steeplechase Park at Steeplechase St and Sharavogue Ave, Bridle Park at 2100 Bridle Rd. Just right outside the southern border is the Campus Ice Centre within Durham College. A portion of Kedron Dells Golf Club overlaps inside the border to the east. It has 2 schools: St. Anne Catholic Elementary School at 2465 Bridle Rd and Northern Dancer Public School just about 0.6 miles south.

Windfields Coordinates: 43°95’76’N 78°90’05’W

Our areas served covers all location. Taunton is up next.

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