Taunton Oshawa

The northeastern part of Oshawa is home to the small neighbourhood of Taunton, which is about 5km2 in size and borders the Municipality of Clarington. Harmony Creek Valley forms a green corridor through this neighbourhood. The rural countryside lies just beyond its northern and eastern borders. Taunton is bounded by Conlin Rd E to the north, Townline Rd N to the east, Taunton Rd E to the south, and Wilson Rd N to the west.

There are two public schools in Taunton. Elsie MacGill Public School and Seneca Trail Public School. And a public library, Oshawa Public Libraries – Delpark Homes Centre Branch: Limited Services. Several parks such as Coldstream Park, Mountjoy Park and Arborwood Park. The main shopping centre is SmartCentres Oshawa North located at 1471 Harmony Rd N. And a recreation center at 1661 Harmony Rd N called Delpark Homes Centre.

From north to south, the main roads through Taunton are Harmony Rd N and Grandview St N. From west to east is Coldstream Dr.

Taunton Coordinates: 43°57’07.5’N 78°50’42.4’W

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