Pinecrest Oshawa

Pinecrest is a neighbourhood in Oshawa at the east-end center bordered by the neighbourhood of Taunton to the north, Centennial to the west, Eastdale to the south and Mitchell Corners to the east.

The main roads of Wilson Rd N to the west and Townline Rd N to the east forms a natural border respectively covering to and from north and south. The other main roads that pass through the middle of the neighbourhood are Harmony Rd N and Grandview St N which also cover north and south directions. The only main road that partially covers the east-west is the Beatrice St E at the west section of the neighbourhood between Wilson Rd N and Harmony Rd N.

It is home to Harmony Valley Conservation Area, a 28-hectare nature park featuring part of the  Lake Iroquois Shoreline. Nearby is Corbett’s Park at Rathburn St. Taking Rathburn St then north of Grandview St N, and east of Beatrice St E is where the other park namely Pinecrest Park is located. Other parks throughout the neighbourhood are Glenbourne Park, Iroquois Shoreline Park, Swiss Height Park, Ridge Valley Park, and Attersley Park. Right in Attersley Park sits Gordon B. Attersley Public School. Up north sits St Joseph Catholic School and Royal Bear Child Care Central at the southern end of the neighbourhood.

Pinecrest Coordinates: 43°55’59.52’N 78°50’38.04’S

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