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Oshawa (/ˈɒʃəwə/ OSH-ə-wə, also US: /-wɑː, -wɔː/ -⁠wah, -⁠waw;) is a city in Ontario, Canada, on the Lake Ontario shoreline. It is located in Southern Ontario, about 60 km (37 mi) east of downtown Toronto.

It is bordered by Whitby to the west and Courtice to the west and the Highway of Heroes forms a natural border to the south. Along the corners of its borders lies the villages of Vanier to the southwest, Donevan to the southwest, Taunton in the northwest and Windfields up northeast.

Dundas Street E from Whitby enters through the west border and becomes King St W as it enters Oshawa and splits into King St W and Bond St W going east passing through Vanier, McLaughlin, Thornton Woods and mergest again heading to Harmony.

At the Oshawa GO Station, riders may access commuter rail services, rail passenger services and regional bus services. Located at 915 Bloor Street West, Oshawa, L1J 7E2 (43°52′14″N 78°53′08″W). Buses use Highway 401 and the Highway 2 corridors in the Durham Region.

Highway 407 is a toll highway running past Rural Oshawa that is accessed via Harmony Road that allows access in and out of Oshawa. Highway 401, also known as Highway 412, runs close to Central Oshawa.

The city of Oshawa owns and operates Oshawa Executive Airport, a private general aviation and charter facility located at 1200 Airport Blvd, Oshawa, ON L1J 8P5.

Oshawa is made up of several smaller communities such as Stevenson, Lakeview, Farewell, Beaton, Donevan, Central Oshawa, Vanier, Eastdale, O’Neill, McLaughlin, Northglen, Centennial, Taunton, Samac, Northwood, Windfields, Kedron, Columbus, Raglan and Rural Oshawa. The most southern point of Oshawa is the Lakewoods Park Lookout. In the North by Townline Rd that merges into Coates Rd W. On East, by Townline Rd N. The West border of Oshawa is not boarded by any roads but rather by the boundaries of Stevenson, Vanier, McLaughlin, Northglen, Northwood, Windfields, Columbus and the West border of Rural Oshawa.

Oshawa Coordinates: 43°54′N 78°51′W

Our service area covers many locations. Windfields is next.

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